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Do you need to take an 18th edition training course?

Do you need to take an 18th edition training course?

The 18th edition, also known as the IET Wiring Regulations, is the British Standard for the installation of electrical wiring that engineers and electricians must adhere to when carrying out electrical works. It’s the commonly used term used when referring to the British Standards BS 7671:2018 Requirements guia real do primobolan no brasil for Electrical Installations, IET Wiring Regulations. It is one of the most important qualifications that a UK-based electrician can hold.
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The purpose of the 18th edition is to ensure that engineers and electricians have the critical working knowledge needed to carry out electrical services, that they’re working to national standards, and that the works being carried out are fully compliant.

Below, we have answered the most asked questions regarding the 18th edition, providing a comprehensive guide to the qualification.

Is the 18th edition mandatory?

A complete understanding of the 18th edition is essential for all electricians, with the training provided being highly commended for its assurance that those with the qualification have a thorough understanding of the wiring regulations.

Who is the 18th edition aimed at?

The 18th edition is for anyone who is currently working in the UK and engages in the design, construction and inspection and testing of electrical systems. Training is highly recommended to ensure that all electrically based professionals have a thorough understanding of the BS 7671 regulations. Both beginners in the trade and experienced professionals need to comply with the 18th edition standards. Before embarking on the course, while previous knowledge of the regulations is not essential, a fundamental knowledge of electrical principles is key.

BES Group Electrical provides a range of 18th edition courses based on your needs and requirements, which include the C&G 2382-22 – 18th Edition Full Course (3 Days) (in person), and the C&G 2382-22 – 18th Edition Full Course (Online). For the exam only, we provide both in-person and online too; C&G 2382-18 – 18th Edition Exam Only (Virtual) and C&G 2382-22 – 18th Edition Exam Only.

We cover the Electricity and Work Regulations while providing you with a working knowledge of the updated wiring regs, meaning you’ll learn the best practices and how to apply these learnings when on the job.

Can I do the 18th edition with no experience?

While there are no entry requirements for the course, we strongly recommend that all potential candidates have a fundamental understanding of electrical principles before embarking on the qualification.

Does the 18th edition qualify you to be an electrician?

No, however it is an integral step toward achieving registered electrician status. It is a highly sought-after, ‘must have’ qualification by employers and could be an indication of a person’s commitment to good practice within the industry, as well as demonstrating a strong theoretical knowledge of the wiring regulations.

The course isn’t only aimed at engineers and electricians, it’s also popular amongst allied professionals, including consultants, designers, electrical engineers, contract managers, and surveyors.

18th Edition Amendment Two

In March 2022, there was an amendment to the 18th edition, bringing with it a host of changes to the wiring regs. While this course isn’t mandatory, it’s recommended for the in-depth look it provides into the recent changes. To find out more, click here.

It is your legal responsibility as an engineer to guarantee that the work you conduct is fully compliant with the national standards for electrical works. If your works aren’t compliant with the wiring regs, it could mean your installations aren’t safe or efficient. Undertaking the 18th edition qualification will not only help to ensure your own and others’ safety but will also help to prevent you from being liable for potential accidents.

Don’t compromise on your professional development and choose BES Group Electrical as your course provider; get in touch with a member of the team today to find out more.  

You can explore our range of courses here!