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C&G 2382-22 – 18th Edition Full Course (Online)

18th Edition Full Course Picture

Course Overview

Our virtual learning package offers the perfect solution if you struggle to get out of work for three days. Instead, you will receive 12-month access including nine video tutorials for each unit with periodical assessments, providing you with greater flexibility and relaxed the time constraints.

The focus of the course is to ensure candidates understand the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations, any changes made from the previous edition and how to implement these in the real world.


This online 18th Edition experience is for anyone involved in the design, construction and inspection and testing of electrical systems. Previous knowledge of the regulations is not essential; however, a fundamental knowledge of electrical principles is assumed. Covering the Electricity and Work Regulations while providing you with a working knowledge of the updated Wiring Regulations, we will teach you the best practices and how to apply these learnings when on the job.

We also offer an 18th Edition Amendment 2 Update course which covers all changes put in place.

*This will replace the existing City & Guilds 18th Edition Wiring Regulations.

Course Content

In addition to admission to the final exam, you will also receive:
  • Full access to a range of videos, plus an assessment at the end of each unit
  • Access to the progress tracker, in addition to showing how close you are to becoming certified
  • 12 months access, so you can complete the course at your own pace
  • Admission to the formal examination
  • A) Unit 1: We introduce your trainers and go on to discuss layout and navigation and part 1 of the regs
  • B) Unit 2: We introduce part 2 of the regs covering: key definitions, theory, practice and principles behind them
  • C) Unit 3: We investigate part 3 of the regs
  • D) Unit 4: We introduce part 4 of the regs, including possible hazards of electricity and protective measures
  • E) Unit 5: We introduce part 5 of the regs
  • F) Unit 6: We introduce part 6 of the regs
  • G) Unit 7: We introduce part 7 of the regs
  • H) Unit 8: We discuss the appendices of the regs
  • I) Unit 9: Demonstrate your understanding of the regs via an online examination

For your examination, you can attend our training centre in Preston so you can put yourself to the test.

However, if you would prefer a City and Guilds approved remotely invigilated assessment, you must have a laptop and an additional device with access to a camera. So, if this is of interest to you, and you are more comfortable staying in the comfort of your own home or office, please give us a call to arrange a suitable date.

This course can be completed within the 12-month access period at a cost of £350.00 + VAT. This pricing is also inclusive of the examination fees!

Duration Up to 12 Months
Location Online
Capacity Unlimited
Price £350.00
*The price excludes VAT

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