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Achieving your 18th edition certificate is strongly recommended for any personnel working on an electrical installation. Known as the British Standards BS 7671:2018 Requirements for Electrical Installations and the IET Wiring Regulations, they’re also more commonly referred to as the wiring regs.

This qualification is designed to provide you with the vital knowledge needed to conduct electrical services to the established national standards. If you’d like a comprehensive look into the 18th edition, click here.

BES Group Electrical has put together this guide to the 18th edition training course to provide you with a strong grasp of what the course entails, so you can make the choice that’s best for you.

To help you get to grips with the format of the exam, we’ve included a list of requirements you will need to gain an overall grasp of to achieve your 18th edition qualification. The following list covers the modules and topics you will learn about during the course to prepare you to pass the final exam. You will be taught by an accomplished professional, meaning you will receive the best education from the best in the electrical industry.

  • Scope, Object and Fundamentals
  • Definitions
  • Assessment of general characteristics
  • Protection for Safety
  • Selection and Erection of equipment
  • Inspection & Testing
  • Special Installations or locations


The exam is a 2-hour, multiple choice, open book PC-based exam with instant results, that you will take on your third and final day of the in-house qualification. If you’re taking the course online, you can schedule your exam at a time that suits you within the 12-month timeframe.

Can I do the 18th edition with no experience?

While the course is aimed at anyone with a good working knowledge of electrical installations, the course is primarily intended for practising electricians and those in allied professions. Previous knowledge of the regulations is not essential, but you will need a fundamental knowledge of electrical principles.

What should I do to pass?

Make sure you have a thorough understanding of each section of the regs – the exam is open book, but you won’t have long per question (two minutes exactly), to find the answer. Having a comprehensive knowledge of what each section is about will save you valuable time in the exam.

Get your hands on a few mock exams – these are invaluable tools to identify your weaknesses, which you can strengthen with targeted revision. They’ll also help you get used to the format and style of the questions ahead of your exam.

Tailor your revision to your learning style; more of an auditory learner? Record yourself reading out revision cards or watch YouTube videos. Prefer visual cues? Get out your highlighters and get to drawing tables, mind maps, and diagrams to help memorise the information.

What is the pass rate of the 18th edition?

The pass rate for the 18th edition exam is around 60%, although C&G have confirmed that this can change slightly, dependent on the national averages achieved by candidates.

We pride ourselves on the quality education we provide for our students; from our state-of-the-art learning facility to our experienced teachers, and the dual learning experience we offer, combining theoretical knowledge with a practical aspect, ensuring you gain real-life application experience, which has led to us achieving a 90% pass rate average for our students.

Can I take an 18th edition online course?

BES Group Electrical is committed to supporting you however we can to help you achieve your qualification, which is why we give the option to take the 18th edition course online, the ideal solution if you cannot take time off or are unable to take the course at our learning centre. You will receive 12-month access, including nine video tutorials for each unit, with periodical assessments meaning you’ll be able to achieve your qualification with greater flexibility, tailored to your schedule.

With plenty of revision, consistent effort, and practice, you’ll have the tools to pass your 18th edition. However, choosing BES Group Electrical as your course provider is a key step toward achieving your qualification. Don’t compromise on your education; contact a member of the team today to secure your professional development.

Whether you’re after a full course on the ins and outs of the wiring regs or you’re ready to take the leap and sit the exam, BES Group Electrical has the solution for you. Visit our website to find the course for you or get in touch with a member of the team directly via 01772 250 179 or helpdesk.electrical@besgroup.com.